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Dave Symonds FRPS EFIAP
My wife and I were both born in Birmingham, England and lived in Tamworth Staffordshire for more than 30 years. We moved to Dumfries & Galloway, (Gods own country) in 2007 and are both now retired. Hill and coastal walking with our border collie Blaire, fit in well with our photographic interests.

Until 1984 my main interest in the arts was watercolour painting. My involvement in photography was accidental, after borrowing an SLR camera to take pictures of my daughter, I became hooked.

I then joined Tamworth Photographic Club where I became interested in entering club competitions moving on to national and international photographic salons.

Initially I created surreal manipulated images in both transparencies and monochrome prints, specialising in hand coloured mono prints.
In the early 1990s I gained my photographic distinctions and became a PAGB lecturer and judge, but as Father Time marches on, I have recently reduced these activities.

My interest in Bromoil printing was also accidental. In 1999, whilst judging a photographic exhibition in Coventry, there were a number of Bromoil entries, which took my eye. They were like no other print I had seen. The grain, ink, paper and texture all conspired to produce an effect that was inspiring. After further investigation I made contact with the Bromoil Circle of Great Britain and eventually became a member.

My current photographic interests range from Digital imaging at one end of the spectrum, to Bromoil, Oil, Mordancage, Cyanotype, Solar Plate gravures and Pinhole at the other. Recently I have become interested in Printmaking, using such techniques as Drypoint and Lino-cut, some black and white and some hand coloured.

1991 - ARPS Colour Transparencies
1991 - ARPS Colour Prints
1992 - FRPS Hand coloured monochrome prints
1992 - AFIAP
1994 - EFIAP